7 Best Remote Jobs

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With the recent outbreak and the restrictions, it introduced in our lives, more and more people were forced to consider remote jobs since they were not allowed to go to work. A lot of workplaces are still shut down and while this may all be temporary, one can’t help but wonder about the benefits of working from home. 

That is how we came to make this list of the best remote jobs available right now. By ‘best’ we don’t only mean the most popular or well-paid, but we also try to focus on how innovative they are and how important these jobs will continue to be in the future.

1. Marketing

Being a marketer is clearly a job of the future. Regardless of how the world may change, businesses will still need people who help sell their products, will still create ads, and still run campaigns.

One of the benefits of working as an online marketer is that you can basically do it from anywhere in the world, including your home. And what we particularly like about marketing is that it’s in high demand and is quite easy to break into.

There are thousands of resources online (from blog articles to full courses) that teach SEO, how to generate more traffic and other marketing-related strategies. And besides, it’s a very hands-on occupation, meaning that you will learn most of what you need by doing it.

2. Copywriter / Content Creator

Just like there will always be a demand for SEO-friendly blogs, there will also be a demand for people to write those. So much of our world today is digital, and since a company’s main selling point is now their social media presence, their witty, informative blogs, and other such online offerings, dedicated copywriters will never go out of style.

Depending on your background and expertise, you can get a job writing about more specific things (such as a tech website, for example) or more general stuff, like a gardening business.

It’s also an excellent time for bloggers who enjoy sharing their experiences. Through platforms like Medium, you can write about your life and what you feel and actually make an income from it. 

3. Call Center / Customer Support

This is another big avenue for remote working, and interestingly enough, job offers for Customer Support have really boomed since the outbreak started. That’s because it’s one of the few jobs you can perform from home. 

Again, it’s easy to learn and get into, and depending on the company you work for, you can earn quite well. However, it is a nerve-wracking job, as it involves a lot of social interaction, often with frustrated or impatient customers, so you will need to be in control of your emotions and not lose your temper.

But if you can manage that, it’s quite a great job that allows you immense freedom of movement.

4. Graphic Design / Web Development

We know they’re two rather different jobs, but we’re packing them together for the sake of conciseness. Both design and development pertain to the online medium, which means all you need to do them is a computer. And thus, they can easily be done from anywhere in the world. 

Naturally, you will need quite a bit of knowledge to get a job in this field. Web development, in particular, can be quite overwhelming to those who lack a mathematical bend in their thinking. Graphic design will require a keen eye for aesthetics as well as a bit of marketing knowledge. 

5. Teaching

Some of you may think that teaching needs to be done in a classroom, but in today’s fast world, online teaching is making waves. That’s because people don’t have the time to actually travel to a physical classroom. Online teaching saves both you and them a lot of time. It’s also beneficial for the teacher because, whereas before you depended on a business to hire you or had to give out fliers advertising your tutoring business, now all you have to do is press a few buttons. And your business is live and available to students from anywhere in the world.

6. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is quite a versatile job. It often means being a secretary to a business and keeping track of appointments, meetings, and other such things. But it can also involve other technical duties, such as maintaining their website. 

This may sound complicated, but it’s remarkably easy to learn and permits you to travel freely. Many smaller businesses delegate these responsibilities to a virtual assistant to free up their schedule, and since you are not actually paid to sit at a desk inside the office, you can take your duties anywhere you want to. Whether it’s climbing mountains in Asia or sitting in the shade, in your backyard, that’s up to you.

7. Social Media Manager

Let’s face it, you practically don’t have a business if it doesn’t exist on social media. It’s just the way things are. And while you may think that marketing and social media are the same thing, they’re not. The job of a marketer is more technical stuff, while a social media manager specializes in setting up easy to like campaigns for Instagram and Facebook. A social media manager knows which time of the day is best for posting, how to talk to attract your followers’ attention, and is in charge of all social interaction on these platforms, which is really important for the platform’s algorithms.

Again, it sounds complicated but is in fact an easy job to get into and once again, can be done from anywhere in the world, provided you have a good connection to communicate with the team’s members. 

Now, if you’re wondering how you can get into these jobs, we recommend you consider freelancing. All the jobs mentioned above can be performed as a freelancer, and more and more companies actually prefer employing freelancers to do their web development, content writing, and many other tasks. 

While it’s not exactly secure work (you don’t have a contract or anything), it also allows you more freedom. So if you were worried about this whole working from home thing, we hope we managed to lessen some of your fears! 

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