Essential Tips To Make The Most Out Of Long-Haul Flights

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The idea of having a long-haul flight might be exciting. At first, you feel confident and secure to handle the trip. But after long hours of travel, it turns to be a completely different story.
Long flights cause boredom, sleep deprivation, deep-vein thrombosis, and more. However, not all long-haul flights have to be dull and miserable.

Some turn out to be more enjoyable, and when the plane reaches the final destination, you say, “I need more time!” To create such moments, below are things to do on a long-haul flight.

Make sure you comfortable.

When traveling long-haul, you must prioritize comfort. You should not always be disappointed by the usual economy class tickets. Using the help of a flight agent, you can find flights that will upgrade your entire trip. Most airliners, instead of giving empty front-cabin seats, more planes usually sell upgrades to travelers on regular economy tickets.

Avoid too much stuff.

A long-haul flight is inspiring for you to carry more things due to the checked baggage fees. Too much stuff means less legroom and more cramped living space. Bringing too much competes with your own living space. It’s much more stressing carrying a large suitcase throughout the boarding area and trying to fit it into the overhead lockers unsuccessfully. Take one cabin bag and a smaller handbag.

Carry your favorite gear.

Total carry-on haul should be limited, but you may consider some of the in-flight essentials.

  • These in-flight essentials are neck pillows, sleep masks, and wireless earbuds.
  • Wireless earbuds offer six hours of audio on a full charge plus an additional ten hours in the charging case. Wireless earbuds will make your journey more comfortable. Your body and brain will feel relaxed and will thank you for the comfort you provide.
  • The inconvenience of packing and carrying these things around will neutralize the misery of a long flight with constant pilot’s announcements, engine noise, and crying children.

Avoiding this, gear up!

Have a sleep aid kit ready.

Sleep is another way to cure boredom in a flight; this will make your journey relaxing and seemingly shorter. If you consider using sleeping aids, you should try them before you fly with them. Some sleeping aids may act as a stimulant than a sleep aid; this makes you stay awake the entire flight.

Sleeping drugs vary significantly on different individuals, so it’s advisable to try them at home before you depend on them on the plane. You will be on the flight long enough, so if your eyes start to droop, get out your sleep masks and wireless earbuds, and have a sweet sleep for as long as it lasts.

Look for the best sitting position.

It would be a mistake to travel for long hours sitting in an uncomfortable position. Choosing an exit row seat will cause a lot of discomfort due to the big, thick exit doors. Before you choose, think about your preference; consider a position that you will not be interrupted by others in your row. If necessary, consult the cabin crew for the best sitting position.

Consider your health.

When preparing for a long-halt flight, you should have a medical check-up to determine the state of your body. You should consider some health precautions when on a long trip.

Hydration is of significant concern on a cross-country flight, drinking “electrolyte solutions” is best recommended; this maintains electrolyte balance. Hydrating well the night before the plane ride and avoiding alcohol is highly recommended. Deep vein thrombosis is well known to occur on flights.

The risk of developing DVT will increase as flights go longer than three hours. It is important to stretch your legs to maintain the blood flow and avoid DVT.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Wear an outfit that you’ll be happy and comfortable to wear after long hours sitting on a plane.

  • Wearing loose clothes like a baggy shirt and jeans is ideal for adjusting your temperature as you fly.
  • Jewelry is unnecessary for such a flight. They will only set alarms off at the airport security, causing unnecessary discomforts.
  • A closed-toed shoe is the best in case of emergencies and prevents your feet from swelling at high attitudes.
  • When aboard, you can put on a pair of cozy slipper socks. Dress appropriately for a fantastic flight.

Carry your snacks.

Being fed on a long flight may not be as you are possibly expecting; traveling in different time zones may end up with breakfast at dinner time. 

As you’re waiting for the food trolley, it’s essential to have a few slow energy release bites like nuts, or dried fruits in your bag.

Feel relaxed.

The best time to abandon all the cares of the world and focus on the flight.

  • With crew waiting to serve you, no mobile coverage, and someone else on the wheel, this is the best time to be in a relaxed position.
  • The time is sufficient to catch up on a book you have not had the time to read.
  • Make those hours on the flight a positive thing to remember.
  • Make new friends on the plane and ask for their experiences.

Choose a good airline.

Cheap flights do not guarantee a good journey.

  • Before booking a flight ticket, it’s essential to do some research and read reviews to see what other passengers think of the airline.
  • Always look for what matters in an airline. Choose high standards of services and comfort in all classes.

For a new long-halt flight, always consider the above things to cure boredom and discomfort. With all these tips, you can travel for as long as you can, having eliminated boredom and emerge fresh, relaxed, and ready to start your activities when you touch down.

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash