Fun Activities to Show Your Partner How Much You Love Them

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Are you looking for activities to show your partner how much you love them? Maybe you’re looking for some ideas for a romantic surprise. No matter what your reason, this blog post is here to help! In it, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to express our love. We’ll also provide some tips on how to make the experience as memorable and special as possible. Keep reading to get started!

1.Make a scrapbook filled with pictures from throughout your relationship

2. Have a heart scavenger hunt around town using only clues found within their favorite songs

3. Create a playlist of love songs from throughout time that will play through whatever device they prefer (radio, Spotify, YouTube, etc.)

4. Have a “best memory” contest where you try to share your favorite memories with each other in the funniest way possible – dance moves are highly encouraged

5. Take their favorite person out for coffee or ice cream at their favorite place

6. Sing love songs to them until they can no longer stand it and have to kiss you (this is usually within three minutes)

7. Invite over the closest married couples for board games night aka couples night in, this will be great bonding time while also giving you two some alone time together!

8. Reminisce about all of your first dates during Valentine’s Day dinner after reading old texts that send back and forth during these dates

9. Have a “spa day” where you give each other massages and treat yourselves to your favorite spa products

10. Throw a surprise dance party at home for them because who doesn’t love dancing!

11. Spend time with their family

12. Write your partner the sweetest letter detailing why they are amazing in every way possible

13. Put together a puzzle for them that shows how you two met or how long you’ve been together

14. Watch really cheesy romantic movies with each other while making fun of the characters within (when seen in public people will think this is cute!)

15. Have a dinner date at your favorite restaurant where the waiter/waitress tells you how wonderful you both are

16. Go to an open gym and play basketball together while wearing jerseys of teams that hate each other (this will add excitement and fun)

17. Get crafty together and create something unique such as paint by number or wood cutting, then frame it for them!

18. Play a “game” that tests who knows their partner better by asking mind boggling questions about each other’s past – whoever wins gets a long kiss!

19. “Netflix and Chill,” but only with Netflix because one day this phrase is going down in history as being one of the worst ideas ever created…don’t do it!

20. Watch a sunset together, then eat a nice candlelit dinner with their favorite meal that you cook for them at home

21. Pretend to be animals that mate for life and act out everything these animals would do for each other (this is another great activity if you are around children)

22. Cuddle up under the blankets together and watch all of your favorite movies while sharing stories of how they all came to exist

23. Send each other messages throughout the day either through voice messages or texts detailing memories you both have shared in the past – this will bring back so many feelings!

24. Instead of going out, stay and set up an amazing experience for them at home!

25. Play “Never Have I Ever” together, the winner of each round gets a kiss from their partner

26. Go on a romantic hike where you stop to make s’mores along the way

27. Give them their favorite candy that they can eat while watching some of their favorite movies

28. Take photos throughout your day and create an album for them – send over any pictures that are particularly special with further explanation of why it’s significant

29. “Dear ___,” write your partner a letter detailing how grateful you are for having them in your life, then read this letter aloud after dinner or during dessert if you prefer not to have food around while reading this heartfelt message of amour

30. Make their favorite meal for them, then go on a walk at your favorite place where you can enjoy the food while also getting some exercise

31. Ask your partner to set up a scavenger hunt filled with sweet messages, gifts, and everything else that gets you both excited!

32. Head over to your local library for free board games of all sorts – make it thrilling by playing twister together!

33. Give each other massages throughout the night until one of you falls asleep

34. Have an ultimate dance off after reading old high school yearbooks or watching home videos of yourselves dancing when you were younger (make sure it’s silly)

35. Go on a tour around town and take pictures of yourselves at your favorite spots – include notes about how you two met there and why it’s significant

36. Build a fort together, then secretly fill it with snacks so you can eat while hiding away from the world for some alone time

37. Leave each other love notes throughout your home where they are sure to find them (hint: after cooking)

38. Set up all of their favorite candles around the house and put on romantic music filled with your top artists – when they get home it’s a complete surprise!

39. “Make me something,” give each other creative projects that need to be done by a certain date so you both have work to do at home – this will add excitement instead of stress to your night!

40. Create a romantic photo album of all the things you would do for them if you could – leave this gift in their room or with another surprise for them at home that they are sure to find when they get back from wherever they are planning to go that day!

41. “I love you” written 100 times – place these notes throughout the house for an ultimate surprising experience

42. Pretend to be animals that mate for life and act out everything these animals would do for each other (this is another great activity if you are around children)

43. Create a special box filled with keepsakes, memories, and anything else that means something to both of you – leave this gift in their room or with another surprise for them at home that they are sure to find when they get back from wherever they are planning to go that day!

44. Send each other photos throughout the day of anything you think they would enjoy, then make it even more exciting by describing what’s happening within the photo – wait until 6pm to reveal all of these to your partner to make it a truly exciting day!

45. Find out your partner’s favorite flower and leave them a bunch of this flower at home with a sweet card to go along with it

46. Cook together, then watch one of their favorite movies as you enjoy what you worked so hard on – complete the night by cuddling up as well as you can after such busy evenings

47. “The truth is…” go around asking each other questions where the answer is “the truth” until all secrets are revealed – see if they can guess which one of these answers was actually true!

48. Plan out a date for next year that reflects everything you’ve done together over the past year and what memories made those dates special – leave it in their room for another surprise!