How to kick-start early for your dream job

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If you are here, reading this article – congratulations, you are already on the first step to start early and gain a competitive advantage in your field of interest. 

We all want to become multiple things as a kid – doctor, engineer, scientist, model, actor, and so on. But sometimes, people stumble across that one thing that they really want to be, and that profession doesn’t change with time. 

How to leverage the opportunity of being certain about your future goals and convert them into reality? We have a simple framework consisting of five major steps that can change your perspective and help you in every way – Know, Journal, Decode, Find, and Visualise

1. Know your strengths

A simple search on the internet will give you various self-awareness and personality tests. Take any of the free ones and map your strengths, values, and weaknesses. This will help you detect any gaps and build on your proficiencies. 

Evaluating yourself will not only help you get ready for your dream job, but it will also help you land opportunities that you probably wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.  

2. Journal it out 

  • Keep up the momentum of your dreams. 
  • Write down every idea and thought that comes into your head at night. 
  • Research more about it. 
  • Add the next steps you will need to complete your journey. 
  • Keep looking back to trace your growth, and then look ahead to add new goals. 

3. Decode the job application 

If you want to become an investment banker, you can look into achievements that qualify as its benchmark. Learn more about them. Find the right processes. Work towards them.  

Writing a perfect job application is essential for you to get closer to your dream job. Start preparing now, so you would not have to worry later. 

4. Find inspiration and resources 

This is the most crucial step in the entire process of your preparation. 

  • Try finding the ultimate success stories. Save their articles. Read up more. The real-life examples will encourage you and fill you with inspiration and energy. 
  • The EdTech industry has disrupted the world amidst the pandemic in the last few months. Find the right courses and educational training to help you get a better grip and understanding of where you want to reach.  
  • Connect with people in the field and speak to them. Read more books on the industry. Take smaller actions towards your big goal. 

5. Visualize and repeat 

  • You will find various sample JDs online. Pick and create one for yourself. 
  • Paint a photo of you in that dream job. Create one using various online tools. 
  • Put your name against the desired designation or edit your photo right outside that company/office you are thinking of. 

Put these two things right on the spot where you will be able to see them every morning the moment you open your eyes. The power of visualization will help your subconscious mind and motivate it to work harder for your dreams. 

Remember that the recruiter might look at your job application years from now, but everything you do today can add so much more value to it. Kick-starting early doesn’t mean you have to do everything in one day. It means you got to plan smartly and take baby steps.  

All the successful people you get inspired from took ages to reach the level they have achieved. You can too. All you have to do is respect the time you have gotten and begin your journey a little early. So, if there’s one person who can take you a step closer to your dream job, that’s you

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