How To Travel Virtually This Pandemic?

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The twenty-first-century pandemic has quashed our travel plans for the near future and homes have become the final destination.

Staying indoors has brought about a level of comfort and security that we all needed the most. But what about all of us whose new year’s resolution was to travel more? Or the ones for whom trotting the globe is food for soul?

Do not fret, we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 tricks and ways to quench your wanderlust virtually:

1. Take a journey via Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a method of creating a simulated environment using computer technology. It immerses a person inside a 3D experience, allowing them to interact with it. And yes, it isn’t just a futuristic dream anymore.

So how do you exactly travel with virtual reality?

  • Invest in a VR headset

Even though your phone’s screen is enough to play the VR, a box or a headset can elevate your whole experience. Check out the best VR headsets that are extremely easy to use and worth every penny

  • Download VR Travel apps

With just a few clicks and a free download on your phone, you can fling yourself to a new destination. Discover some of the best VR travel apps and make your desire for adventure a reality!

  • Watch videos on YouTube

Did you ever imagine that you could go on all the rides at Disneyland, or experience a skyline view of Central America, all from the confines of your home?  Many YouTube channels create 360°and VR videos that aim to provide differential and unique escapades to the viewers. Be it the Northern lights, or castles in the Netherlands, there are experiential videos for everything. Check out National Geographic’s Virtual Tour of Chichen Itza in Mexico.

2. Immerse in the world of books

The most budget-friendly way to travel to faraway lands and worlds that exist in alternate universes is books. Books charm you with their bewitching word plays, and before you know it, you are flung to beautiful sceneries. Be it on an e-reader or a paperback, they never fail you and your imagination.

Check out some of the best travel books of all times, grab a Dalgona, find a nook in the corner of your room and begin a new adventure.

3. Trot the globe with Google Street View

A place’s history is enriched with its streets and monuments that speak loudly of its charm. Do you long to peruse and roam across those roads?

If yes, then Google Street View is the next best thing. Teleport yourself to the beaches in Hawaii and imagine yourself swimming in the waters. If the ocean tires you out, move to Times Square for some necessary people watching. Go anywhere and everywhere you put your mind and screen to. 

And the best part? No crowds!

4. Sift through your old travels

Throw yourself in the bubble of nostalgia and old memories. Take out those pictures and videos you shot with your camcorder when you went for a family holiday. Go through all the souvenirs you collected while you were on your favourite trip. Wear the bracelet you bought with your friends at that college trip, drink coffee out of the overpriced mug you bought at a tourist shop, or play with that enormous stuffed bear you won at a carnival.

Just sit down and relive those bygones with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart.

  • Cook a meal from a different land

While most people might suggest that a country’s appeal only lies in its architecture and sceneries, it’s actually the food that flavours its beauty.

Eating something sacred and special to a place can transport you there in a few bites. Just Google the recipe of a foreign dish and start making it. Whilst devouring the food, play music from that country. You can even watch Mukbangs and learn more about the place and its culture.

Why not try out some special dishes from around the world this weekend?

The feel of salty air at the beach, the echoing sounds in deep mountains, the angel kisses of snowflakes on your lashes, or the fast-moving wonders during a road trip; they can’t be ever be replaced. But right now, this is all we have. Just for a little while. All our wandering plans will still be here. Until we travel again, satisfy your travel bug virtually. So, where are you going first?