5 Tips on Adding a Romantic Twist While Dating Online

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The online dating world can come in very handy and help you meet a lot of interesting people you wouldn’t otherwise get to know. But, let’s be honest, when it comes to romanticism, it’s a little bit lacking.

In fact, that’s the number one argument I’ve heard from women contemplating joining the online dating world. 

It’s not romantic.

The whole process is sterile and mechanical and devoid of spontaneity. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve come up with a few little tips to help you put that little spark into your online dating.

1. First of all, remember that it is possible to fall in love with someone you meet online.

Same as in any other situation, really. It’s possible and likely to meet someone you just vibe with online. There are plenty of success stories out there about couples who are no engaged, married, or at the very least in a committed relationship after meeting online. 

Often, the reason online dating just doesn’t work for us is that we go in assuming it won’t work. Usually, in order to fall in love, you need to be willing to fall in love.

2. Insist that you meet as soon as possible.

Let’s be real, when you’re calling, texting or Facetiming with someone, there’s very little authenticity. You can do all sorts of little tricks to make yourself sound fun or look more appealing or whatever, and so online dating lacks that essential honesty of real-life dates.

So go on, date with them as soon as possible, to see if there’s any real connection.

3. Put yourself in the mood for a flirt.

Once again, the attitude you have going into this changes everything. If you’re at home in your sweats and eating ice cream out of the tub, it’s pretty difficult to feel sexy, and that reflects in your messages. 

In those early stages of a relationship, flirting is a huge factor. So dare to flirt and sound playful and feel sexy, because so much of it is just how you think about this online date. Entice them to a flirty game or conversation, play with them as you would when flirting with someone IRL.

4. Get to know them.

Because it’s such an essential aspect of dating. You know how, when you’re just starting to date, you want to know everything about your potential SO? Then don’t be afraid to ask and take an interest in their life, their interests. That’s how you build a romantic relationship. Because say they like horses, and then you hear a funny horse joke or see an exciting documentary about horses, and you think “oh, X would like that.” 

And boom, they’re in your thoughts, and that’s what we call amore.

5. Little romantic gestures.

Isn’t that what love is all about? Sure, there’s support and lust and someone to walk the dog or whatever. Still, romance mainly stems from your willingness to make these little gestures for your loved one. Like sending flowers or surprising them with a cute message that shows you’re thinking about them.

A mistake many people make when dating online is treating it like a job interview when it’s the furthest thing from that. 

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash