Reasons Why Online Dating Fails

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In this age of digital technology, thousands of beautiful strangers meet online in search of a partner. People from all over the world visit countless online dating websites in hopes of meeting a special someone. We feel great when an Internet source provides us an attractive opportunity to meet with a potential life partner and begin that part of our life. But, with these mesmerizing thoughts, there is also a darker side of the picture that shows the negative impact brought by these sites and how they affect our lives. There are harmful aspects of online dating with which people should be aware in order to avoid the impacting experience of a failed online dating.

Our Bad Decisions 

There is a vast array of single individuals on Internet dating sites which encourages one to consider greater possibilities in a partner. Life on social media websites may look appealing in the beginning but when it’s about choosing from a large number then people can easily make wrong decisions. There is a high probability of being deceived by people and how they represent themselves to us through these websites. They usually represent themselves differently than they are in real life, embellishing their accomplishments, and showing themselves more attractive than they actually are. Often a person will inflate their social status, such as their economic resources, or education. Thus, it is quite challenging to find an honest person in such an environment, a person who stays loyal and constant in the relationship.

False Impressions

Supposing that one finds a person who is honest about who he is, that does not guarantee that he will be faithful. It is reported that a large number of males and females like to misrepresent their relationship status on social media which may end attracting more relationship possibilities to someone who would otherwise have to stay with one partner. Moreover, geographically distant relationships are likely more difficult to sustain unless the two parties agree on meeting each other. The distance tends to convince one or both parties that the other person is somehow not real, that he or she is still free to pursue other potential partners despite being committed by word, though an online word. Yet, some people remain passionate and convinced by strong words, so that they are often led to broken hearts and later have difficulty trusting people in the future. It is therefore important to meet that person face to face in the initial days of a relationship rather than ending up being disappointed.

Culture Differences 

People who are using these online dating websites can be from different countries and cultures. Whether by religion or political outlook, by race or ethnicity, they have different family backgrounds and some of them do not lend themselves to couples who meet online. These families are likely to be more conservative as compared to the others, and in the end, the two families do not let the couple stay together due to their different lifestyles. 

“Online Dating” an Illusion

Online dating is not necessarily a quick way of disclosing yourself. Because sharing your personal information with a person you don’t know can be problematic in the long run. There are many criminals gathered on these websites to get your attention and then grab your money and do not show themselves on the website again. Consequently, the information which we appreciate from an online profile gives us very little to go on in deciding how someone may actually behave in real life. 

The reality behind Online Dating Companies 

It may happen that these online dating companies don’t want their clients to meet face to face and become soulmates. They would rather keep individuals visiting their website again and again as they make more money by failed relationships than by successful ones. It is also investigated that these websites keep a person’s personal data like pictures, videos and other information and they can use it as an advertisement when that person is married and no longer using the website. 

By keeping all these things in mind it is disclosed that online dating is no panacea. It is highly unlikely to replace the old fashion method of meeting one’s parents and sitting together with an auntie watching over the situation. This method may seem outdated but one must consider that it has led to lasting relationships and not an interminable series of dates.

Photo by Pratik Gupta on Unsplash

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