The most under-rated places in the world you wish you knew about before

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Bangkok, Paris, London, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, and New York are the top 7 cities that were visited the most in 2019 across the world. We all know about these.

But if you are a traveler, you don’t want tourist attractions on your travel list. If you are a tourist, you don’t want the regular, hyped places for your next go. And if you are sitting in your drawing room and browsing through Instagram, you don’t want the usual locations to raid your feed.

We all are looking for something unusual on the world map – the low-key, beautiful places that people don’t know and talk about as much. So here is a quick world series for you – one such city from each continent across the globe – the most underrated places in the world served on your platter!

Disclaimer: Don’t blame us if your solo travel list finds new companions today.

1. Idaho, North America

The potato land of the US is incredibly calm to the eyes and home to outdoor recreation and music festivals. It also saves you the cost of going to Niagara by replacing it with Twin Falls, an excellent place for exploring Idaho’s abundant natural heritage.

2. Nairobi, Africa

Before Money Heist put Nairobi as a character – we had the destination as a must-to-search-for. Art, music, happiness (furahi-day), and a mug of Tusker (Kenya’s most loved beer brand) – the city puts you in a parallel universe just by its visuals.

3. Córdoba, South America

A whole hipster experience with the most lit clubs and bars for great nightlife – the city also offers a complimentary version through its exceptional landscape views for the day. Filled with colonial history, Córdoba is an escape with its road-tripping vibe and helps people to get back in touch with their spiritual side.

4. Croatia, Europe

Beautiful beaches, delicious food, fulfilling historical points, and a sensation after Game of Thrones appeared on TV – Croatia is the land of affordable luxury. Chilling at the Dalmatian Islands with a wine glass in your hand – a plate of hotly cooked pancakes, and making your itinerary for the next day filled with adventures in the city – Croatia won’t let you sleep but will help you relax.

5. Perth, Australia

Rivers, lakes, beaches, and islands – Perth is home to everything water and lovely weather all around the year. A smaller populated region with stunning locations and peaking tourism – the city is a free public transport zone where people prefer to hop in on foot, by bicycle, or buses. Navigation is easy, and the compact town allows you to get closer to nature and wildlife again.

6. Turkey, Asia

A wholesome day filled with a hamam experience followed by sacred architecture and food, to end up with the most hospitable people asking you to come to their homes and have the famous Turkish tea – welcome to the Turkish world.

And don’t forget to shop from the open markets and fill your phone gallery with the creative and artistic ruins of the place and its history.

7. Ushuaia, Antarctica

The southernmost city in the world brings a mild surprise to the eyes – everyday life on the planet’s coldest continent. National parks and art summits and a visual treat to the world – Ushuaia introduces you to sea lions and penguin colonies, creating an experience like no other.

With the broadest range of expeditions possible and being the most affordable option on the Antarctica territory – Ushuaia sure is both a pleasant surprise and our most vital impulse to start packing our bags right away.

Food for your travel buds? The list keeps growing and getting better.
It won’t be a surprise if these places become prominent and sensational in the coming years, but till then, you might have already taken their virtual tours or completed them via your travel goals after the pandemic.

Welcome to the underrated world! You’re going to love it.

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