19 Traits and Habits of Happy People

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Think about the last time you felt really happy. What was going on in your life at that time? Were you around people who made you feel good, or were you doing something that you loved?

Chances are, if you’re like most people, being happy is a result of enjoying yourself and spending time with positive people. So what are some traits and habits of happy people?

What makes them smile every day? The key is cultivating certain traits and habits that are common among the happiest people. So what are these magical habits and traits? Read on to find out!

1. Happy people count their blessings

Happy woman writing her blessings

No matter what life throws your way, there is always something to be grateful for! When you feel down and out, make a conscious effort to count your blessings. What are three things that you are grateful for today?

Write them down on paper every day and read them back to yourself each night before bedtime. You can also take time out of the day to show gratitude by writing letters or making phone calls or sending text messages or emails expressing how much those people mean to you (and why).

This will not only brighten someone else’s mood, but it will help lift yours too! Here’s an example:

“Hi Mom, I just wanted to call and tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me throughout my life. I know there have been times when I’ve been a pain in the butt, but you’ve always stuck by me. I’m really grateful for that. Love you!”

2. Happy people are optimistic

Optimistic woman

No one can be happy all the time, but happy people tend to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. They look at the bright side of things and believe that good things will happen to them.

When something bad does happen, they don’t wallow in self-pity; instead, they try to find a way to learn from it and move on.

If you want to be happy, it’s imperative that you think positively. Don’t let negativity drag your mood down!

3. Happy people exercise

Happy woman exercising

Exercising releases endorphins in the brain, making us feel good about ourselves and our lives. So if you’re feeling blue, try taking a walk around town or running at the gym – anything active will do!

The best part is that there are so many ways to get fit without spending money on expensive equipment or joining an expensive club membership plan (although those options also exist).

You can jog outside daily with friends from work during lunch break, go hiking once per week, join yoga classes which usually cost nothing more than what they charge for a mat rental, or simply take the stairs instead of the elevator.

The possibilities are endless!

4. Happy people get enough sleep

Woman Wakes Up Happy from Sleep

This one is pretty self-explanatory – if you’re not well-rested, you’re not going to be in a good mood! Most adults need around eight hours of sleep per night, so try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day (including weekends).

If you have trouble falling asleep, establish a routine before bedtime, such as reading or taking a hot bath. And remember to avoid watching television or working on the computer before trying to go to bed; both activities keep us awake.

5. Happy people have faith in themselves and the world around them

Happy people in church gather

Everyone has their own beliefs about what happens after death, but most religions agree on one thing: there’s something beyond our physical existence here on Earth.

Whether it’s heaven or hell (or both!), whether they believe God exists or not, everyone needs some kind of spiritual guidance in order for life to make sense at all.

6. Happy people have a good sense of humor

Woman being playful with friends

It’s so easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of life, which is why it’s important for us all to find ways to laugh at ourselves and our situations every now and then!

Laughter really does make things better because when you’re laughing out loud, you release tension from your body that would otherwise be stored up inside causing stress levels to go through the roof if left unchecked for too long periods without any type of relief whatsoever, like when someone says something funny or engages in some sort of comedic routine such as telling jokes, playing pranks, making others smile with silly antics, etc…

So, next time, anything happens that causes frustration just think about how much better it would be if you could put aside those feelings for just a moment and laugh instead!

7. Happy people give back

Happy woman giving present

Whether volunteering with the Red Cross or helping an elderly neighbor who needs assistance around their house.

Giving back makes us feel good about ourselves because we know that what goes around comes full circle someday down life’s road, whether sooner or later only when one has experienced both sides of this equation will they understand why it’s so important to give back no matter what size donation or activity helps those in need.

Because any amount makes difference just like when people in need receive such gifts from others who have been blessed themselves through their own selfless acts kindness truly does come full circle again someday somehow someway, somewhere…

8. Happy people don’t sweat the small stuff

Happy woman

Sometimes, things aren’t going to go as planned. There will be times when we’re not feeling our best and nothing seems right with life in general, but if you can learn how not to let these moments get too far under your skin, then everything will start looking up again soon enough.

9. Happy people practice gratitude

Gratitude can be a powerful tool in helping us stay positive and optimistic about life. It’s easy to get caught up with all the negative things that happen around us, but if we take time out of every day just remind ourselves what we’re grateful for, then there’s no way anything could bring our mood down because happiness will always prevail over negativity!

10. Happy people know how to forgive

Man and woman forgiving each other

Holding on to grudges does nothing but eat away at our happiness, so it’s important to learn how to let go of negative feelings and move on. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we’re forgetting what happened or condoning the other person’s actions; it simply means that we’re choosing not to dwell on the past anymore.

11. Happy people have positive self-talk

Smiling woman looking in mirror

No one is perfect, and everyone has their down days – even happy people! The key is learning how to pick ourselves up again after a fall by talking to ourselves in a positive manner. This means being gentle and supportive with ourselves, rather than harshly criticizing our every move.

12. Happy people know how to relax

Happy people relaxing in café

We all need downtime to recharge, and happy people are no exception! They typically have a few go-to methods for relaxation, such as reading, listening to music, spending time outdoors, or practicing meditation or yoga.

13. Happy people are open to change

Woman adapting in changes

Being flexible can be challenging at times, but it’s also a key component in maintaining happiness because the only constant thing about life is that it will keep changing from moment to moment without fail.

So if we don’t learn how to adapt accordingly, then our dissatisfaction level increases dramatically over time, which makes for less enjoyment overall when looking back on days gone by.

14. Happy people know what matters most

Happy family spending time together

When asked why they’re happy, many say that their relationships or other personal connections take priority above all else – not money or fame.

This means spending quality time with friends and family members instead of working long hours just so you can buy stuff.

It also means showing others that they matter by giving them gifts on holidays or birthdays, and calling regularly, even when life gets busy.

15. Happy people are not afraid of failure

People celebrating success

The fear of failure can often keep us from trying new things, but it’s important to remember that we learn more through our mistakes than our successes!

So don’t let this stop you if there’s something out there that makes your heart sing with joy; take a chance today and make yourself happy.

16. Happy people know their strengths and weaknesses

Woman showing self awareness

Knowing what makes us tick is essential for happiness because then we’ll be able to focus on the positive rather than the negative aspects of ourselves.

This means recognizing what makes us happy as well as which areas might need improvement over time but always keeping things in perspective, so there’s no shame involved – just self-awareness about where we stand right now.

17. Happy people don’t compare themselves to others

Woman being proud of herself

Being compared unfavorably is never fun, especially when it comes from someone you love or respect!

It’s important not to let this get under your skin because everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses that make them who they are.

Comparing yourself will only serve as a distraction while trying to accomplish goals instead of focusing on how great it feels when something good happens unexpectedly.

18. Happy people know how to be kind

Woman showing kindness

Kindness can go a long way towards making others feel better about themselves and their lives – including ourselves.

We don’t always have control over what happens around us, but being kind makes everything seem that much easier, even when faced with difficult situations.

Kindness will never fail as long we’re willing to take time out of our day to say hello or give someone else some encouragement.

19. Happy people are in touch with nature

Young people enjoying nature

There is something very soothing about being outside and connecting to nature. Happy people know this and take time out for themselves to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and all the wonderful things plants and animals have to offer.

Whether taking a walk in the park or going on a nature hike, getting outside is crucial for maintaining our well-being.


If you want to increase your happiness, start by looking at the things that make you smile daily. Cultivate a positive outlook and practice gratitude for the good in your life.

Surround yourself with happy people and create a support system of loved ones who will help you through tough times. Finally, don’t be afraid to let yourself feel sadness – it’s part of the human experience. Just remember also to feel joy.

What have you done today to add some happiness to your life?

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